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E-Learning, online courses and online trainings are the future and Human Resource is often underused or undertrained, but it is the single most important asset your company needs to take the next step in growth and innovation. Herein, lies the opportunity of your untapped talent that might be the solution to learning needs of your Human Capital that you may not know about.

Does better performance interest you?  We want to help your company harness the untapped potential of your employees.

How?  eXpertshare is a strong E-Learning platform for Human Capital engagement and skill development. It allows employees to share their skills and knowledge that they may be an expert in.  This creates a community atmosphere in your company and enables your employees to take responsibility for their own learning.

Why? This tool will improve your company performance because highly engaged, highly skilled employees lead to higher performance.


eXpertshare allows you to create e-learning opportunities to share your skill(s) – make a training session. You can search for specific skills that you want to learn – take a training course. You can invite colleagues to learn a skill or more about one they already have – recommend a virtual roundtable.

  • Virtual round table discussions with your employees
  • Live streaming feature for your trainings
  • Create your own learning profile
  • Take notes during your training sessions
  • Live Chat during trainings
  • Rate trainings


At eXpertshare, we want to help your company disrupt the status quo to unleash the untapped potential of your most valuable asset – your people. You invest in the development of your high potential employees, but that is where the momentum stops if you do not then utilize their knowledge.

We’ve engineered this digital-learning platform to transform the learning landscape in your company, so that knowledge sharing will become the norm and the gap will be bridged between the need for learning and the time it takes to build a curriculum.

For companies, we offer a platform to create a virtual round table with your employees. For employees, it encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning. They can use this platform to share knowledge across the company to upskill, re-skill, or for just-in-time learning.

Our vision is that your experts can share their skills with other colleagues in your company. This creates an instant upskilling to give your workforce agility and adaptability.

This software is developed by SR Media



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  •    Unlimited Employees
  •   Custom Domain
  •   Corporate Design (White Lable)
  •   API Integration
  •   In App Communication
  •   Advanced Security Options


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